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Lake Placid Blue

Released: 2018

AlbumCover Layover in Reno.png

Layover in Reno

Released: 2008

AlbumCover Mad at the Moon.png

Mad at the Moon

Released: 1997


Lake Placid Blue

Released: 2018

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Album Description

California songwriter David Anderson's new album Lake Placid Blue, ably produced by John Andrew Eddy, is now available on iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, Spotify and CD Baby for download or as an actual hard copy CD you can hold in your hands, throw across the room, or both. 

While firmly in the storytelling tradition of his previous releases Mad at the Moon (1997) and Layover in Reno (2008), both still available in some states, with Lake Placid Blue John has chosen to push David in a more electric and eclectic direction and the result mostly speaks for itself. 

The historical songs: Charline Arthur celebrates a Texas hillbilly singer who recorded for RCA Victor in the early 1950s; Tulsa Riot 1921 commemorates a little-known racial atrocity in early twentieth century Oklahoma; and The Belle of New Haven is the unedited posthumous testimony of Sarah Winchester, heiress to the rifle fortune. 

Also worthy of note: the autobiographical Mystic Knights of the Folk-Rock Wars; Trouble All My Life, written for David's then teen-aged daughter; and Lake Placid Blue, a love song to a guitar. 

Produced by John Andrew Eddy for Moccasin Telegraph Agency

  1. Charline Arthur

  2. Mystic Knights of the Folk-Rock Wars

  3. Tulsa Riot

  4. I Won't Break Your Heart

  5. Big Star

  6. Lake Placid Blue

  7. Trouble All My Life

  8. The Edge of Yes

  9. The Belle of New Haven (Sarah Winchester speaks from beyond)

Praise for David Anderson and Lake Placid Blue 

Profoundly tasteful. Deeply thoughtful. Endearingly unrefined...I always like to be transparent when a project catches me by surprise. And, this record did just that. Its warmth and sincerity make it an “all the time” playlist option.

~ The Ark of Music 

Lake Placid Blue is a gorgeously laid-back album with soft energy and grand lyricism. If you’re looking for velvety country rock music with soul, look no further than David Anderson.

~ Randall Radic, Blog Critics 


Lake Placid Blue is an amazingly emotional and stirring LP that should be considered one of the most thoughtful releases of the young New Year. A big win for Anderson...I highly recommend this album for those who are looking for a surreal but focused soundtrack to start 2019 with. 

~ Sebastian Cole, Gashouse Radio 


Anderson comes to us with nothing but warmth and wisdom in these nine songs, and somehow manages to share both with us in a way that few artists are ever able to pull off successfully. 

~ Scott Carlito, Indie Band Guru 

You don’t have to be the biggest fan of singer/songwriters to find something to fall in love with in this album, but for those of us who really appreciate a good roots release with just as much sonic depth as something a bit more electrifying, it’s hard to top an LP like this one.

~ Anne Hollister, Indie Source 

There’s an emotional depth to this music that is unmatched among the vast majority of today’s singer/songwriters...These intimately unique lessons are as moving as they are memorable in these nine songs, and I don’t think I’ll be forgetting them anytime soon.

~ Joshua Corbin, Music Existence 

Lake Placid Blue by David Anderson is nothing short of a triumph. There is something special about every track of the album and each brings a unique charm...this album is a must-listen. 

~ Thorne Stone, Review Fix 

Sung straight from the heart, the soulful storytelling ties the whole of the album together. His narratives feel fully lived-in and realized to the fullest...Never overdoing things, the stripped-down spirit has an incredible charm to it. 

David Anderson provides listeners with those authentic fire-side vibes that seem to emerge less and less these days. Lake Placid Blue is a calming, organic playlist that gives off the closest feeling to a live show as possible – as if the musicians and the singer are right there in the room with you. 

~ Rebecca Cullen, Stereo Stickman

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Praise for Layover in Reno

Warm and thoughtful stories - Another of those near-unknown singer songwriters that appear from the undergrowth from time to time, David Anderson is only on his third album despite being near- pensionable age. Maybe it's all that experience, but he's produced a work that mixes thoughtful storytelling with openly autobiographical tales and has a warmth and calm that makes it enormously enjoyable to listen to.

In the storytelling section are the Californian ghost story Alice Miller and Daughter of the Sky, his retelling of Amelia Earhart's life. Both have beautiful harmonies reminiscent of Neil Young's AFTER THE GOLDRUSH period and the latter also boasts a wistful and elegiac mood that fits its subject perfectly.

On a more personal level there's Recollections of Neal, his story of the two occasions he met the famous Beat, told in an appropriately period talking blues style and the laidback ['I'm having a beer day') title track.

In Sarah Bellum he may have written the only song to ever rhyme statistician and ambition.

Anderson has gathered around him an impressive set of musicians, all unknowns but clearly people who understand his music perfectly and who play just right without any showboating or chop flaunting, John Andrew Eddy in particular plays some delightful soft guitar, but the whole ensemble conjure up a quiet evening on the veranda singing songs as the sun goes down and they make the listener wish they'd been there when it was recorded. 

~ JS, Maveric UK

AlbumCover Layover in Reno.png

Layover in Reno

Released: 2008

Album Description

California songwriter David Anderson announces the release of his  

second full-length CD of original music produced by his son Damon.


Layover in Reno continues his preoccupation with old-fashioned  

storytelling, wistful nostalgia, understated humor, hyperbolic  

economy, and an overall optimism regarding the human spirit. It  

includes two songs with an historical context: ‘Alice Miller’ (a  

central California ghost story) and ‘Daughter of the Sky’ (about the  

life and accomplishments of aviatrix Amelia Earhart).


Also worth checking out is ‘Recollections of Neal Cassady’, his  

personal account of meeting and playing sidekick to this ‘icon of  

Beatnik neo-enlightenment’.

  1. Alice Miller

  2. Layover in Reno

  3. Every Trick in the Book

  4. Three Way Switch

  5. Daughter of the Sky

  6. She Glows in the Dark

  7. Sarah Bellum

  8. Trust and Love

  9. Recollections of Neal Cassady

AlbumCover Mad at the Moon.png

Mad at the Moon

Released: 1997

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Album Description

On his newly released album Mad at the Moon minimalist thinkabilly songwriter David Anderson sings songs that often provoke thought. To call this spiritual descendant of Woody Guthrie and Rick Nelson a new artist would be somewhat misleading given that he has been a fixture on the Bay Area music scene for years as a writer as well as a performer.


Comparisons to John Prine and the Everly Brothers notwithstanding, David's style crosses many boundaries, and his influences cover a broad musical spectrum, from his big sister's Burl Ives and Fats Domino records, to the San Francisco rock scene in which he was a bemused participant, to his current favorites Lucinda Williams and Steve Earle.

  1. The Scene Of The Crime

  2. Mad At The Moon

  3. Believe In You

  4. Nicoleen

  5. The Edge Of Yes

  6. Oklahoma Rain

  7. Crazy Stage

  8. Hurt Me All Over Again

  9. Working Girl

  10. Touch My Heart

  11. Walking Home In The Dark

Praise for Mad at the Moon 

'Hey, I know these songs. I've heard them a million times before.' Actually, I haven't. But they have that classically familiar,   comfortable feel that we get with some albums without realizing it.

~ songs.communique, Dec. 1998


Great country-flavored folk in the style of Robert Earl Keen and Lucinda Williams.

~ Folkweb, Jan. 1999


Masterful roots-folk album...Anderson knows how to strip it down to the bones, and then build it back up with catchy melodies, solid lyrics and trace elements of other genres that give the music an emotional punch.

~ Good Times, 1997

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